VW T6 Barndoor Transporter Rear Bumper Diffuser ES DESIGN

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VW T6 Barndoor Rear Bumper Diffuser

rear diffuser only

This product has been made to fit the following

T5.1 Tailgate

T5.1 Barndoor

T6 Barndoor

T6.1 Barndoor

this will not fit any other versions as the bumpers do change in shape. if your unsure if you have the right bumper please get in touch and we will help were needed.

PARKING SENSORS if you have factory fitted parking sensors this will fit as in the pictures but if your parking sensors are aftermarket/ been fitted DIY then we cannot guarantee the position of the cut-outs in the diffuser will match up with your sensors,

Made from fibreglass and come in a gloss black gelcoat finish so no need for painting unless colour change, this item comes with the needed fitting kit but we do also advise on the items been bonded on (not supplied) this make for a solid fit, double side tape is an option rather than bond but we do advise bonding it as well as using the supplied fitting kit.

 We have test fitted this diffuser with the detachable tow bar and clears by around 3mm as long as you fit the diffuser as tight as possible to the bumper, we have not tried this with any other tow bar so trimming may be needed depending on what you have. 

Covers half of the rear bumper reflectors as can be seen in the pictures this still allows the reflectors to work as they should and be as legal as needed.