HID Headlight Conversion Kit 55W Metal Base Bulbs Slim Ballasts

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Every kit is made to the highest standard; every bulb is made with the best material to ensure a long term use and brightness and every ballast is made to ensure kits are safe for use.
This HID Kits provide you with maximum safety as well as added style at an affordable price. Our ballasts are slim line making it both discrete and stylish; our ballasts are water- proof and vibration resistant too, meaning that you get reliability, performance and style in our ballasts.
All our HID Kits are tested, they are road legal and are E11 marked and approved.
Technical data:
Dimensions: 7cm length x 6.2cm width
Power Output: 55W
Voltage Input: 12V
Starting Current: 8A
Working Current: 3.2A
Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C