Fiesta Mk7 & 7.5 Front Upper Strut Brace PERFORMANCE

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When it comes to vehicle modifications; fitting a strut brace is probably one of the first things that come to mind. A strut brace is a simple bar designed to tie the left and right strut towers together. Fitting a strut brace will instantly increase the rigidity of your car and give greater stability and control.

Strut braces are engineered to reinforce the frame of your vehicle. This reinforcement helps to limit the flexing and twisting which would otherwise be exerted upon your car's chassis; even under normal day to day driving conditions. Fitting a strut brace is a great way to improve the stability of your ride; making the handling more predictable and generally a more pleasant experience for the driver.

Fitting a strut brace is a straightforward process - simply remove the nuts from the strut tower, place the strut strut brace bracket over the studs and re-tighten the nuts.

  • Manufactured from highest quality, lightweight aluminium
  • Suitable for both road and track use
  • Engineered to reduce chassis flex to improve steering response and stability
  • Lightweight aluminium construction provides strength with no significant weight added to the vehicle
  • Easy, bolt-on installation design
  • Noticeably enhances steering response
  • Please note fitting instructions are NOT included
  • Supplied complete as shown
  • Brand new