Billet 3-port universal catch can SD PERFORMANCE

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Separates oil particles from PCV/CCV air using 50 micron bronze filter
100% billet 6061 aluminium sealed can
Defends intercooler, intake system, and essential components from oil blow-by
Helps maintain proper octane levels to reduce potential detonation
Features one inlet and one outlet
Filter and can are both fully serviceable
Safe for pressurized applications
Internal air diverter turbulates air longer to improve oil separation
Includes 3 plastic barbed 1/2" hose fittings
Universal mounting bracket for different configuration

Make(s): Universal
Year(s): All
Overall Size:3.80" x 2.50" x 2.50"
Inlet/Outlet:3/8" NPT
Oil Capacity:2 fluid ounces
Material: Aluminium, Black Coating
1x Oil Catch Tank
Necessary fitting as picture